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Skidaway Island is a seaside community of lavish houses and attractive businesses. But the area is also known for its humid climate, which leads residents to utilize their heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) units during much of the year. At Gordon’s Heating & Air, we keep heating and cooling systems at their peak efficiency for maximum comfort and energy savings. Whether the job calls for an installation, planned maintenance, or an HVAC repair in Skidaway Island, our NATE-certified technicians are adept at addressing the needs of all residential and commercial heating and cooling systems.

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Air Conditioner Repairs in Skidaway Island, GA

Gordon’s Heating & Air also meets the high standards of customer service that Skidaway Island residents have come to expect. Our technicians exhibit the value of quality training and experience while they work on all HVAC installations, maintenance, and repairs. Furthermore, the manner in which we deliver our HVAC services is always courteous and respectful. To schedule service, contact us today.

Air Conditioning Service & Repairs

For residents of Skidaway Island, AC repair services are critical for two primary reasons. First, the average house in Skidaway Island is quite spacious, which means it takes a fair amount of cool air to lower the temperatures inside the home. But if the air conditioner is inefficient, either because the system is dirty or in need of a tune-up, the results are a waste of energy and higher utility bills. Second, conditioned air is essential during certain parts of the year when there are extreme heat and humidity outside. Were the AC to break down at such times, it would cause discomfort, put residents at risk for dehydration and heat stroke, and essentially make the home uninhabitable. This is why Gordon’s Heating & Air provides scheduled repairs as well as emergency services to address all types of cooling issues.

Aside from performing AC repairs near Skidaway Island, our technicians also provide maintenance, which prevents most cooling issues from happening altogether. But if you’re unsure whether maintenance is worth the investment, consider some of the ways it can save you money.

  • Condenser coil, air filter, and motor are cleaned or replaced to reduce electric costs.
  • Capacitors, condensate drain, and belts are inspected to prevent costly breakdowns.
  • Components are tuned up to extend the life of the system before it needs replacing.

There are two options for HVAC maintenance from Gordon’s Heating & Air. First, by joining our Comfort Club, you’ll be enrolled for planned maintenance, which includes two annual tune-ups plus exclusive discounts. Second, we offer one-time maintenance visits, as needed; the minimum recommendation is two visits per year. Meanwhile, if an AC unit is too old or damaged to function correctly, we perform installations for new cooling systems.

Heating Service in Skidaway Island

Although Georgia’s winters aren’t famously cold, Skidaway Island is somewhat of an outlier because it is on the coast and faces the chilling winter winds that blow off the ocean. The combination of winds and moisture also leads to overnight frosts that lower the nighttime temperatures in people’s homes. At Gordon’s Heating & Air, we perform maintenance on furnaces, heat pumps, and other heating system. This gives homeowners and businesses peace of mind knowing that, even if they don’t use their heaters often, the systems will work when needed.

On the other hand, when a heating unit malfunctions or break downs, it tends to do so because of a lack of maintenance, age-related wear and tear, or electrical issues. But no matter the specific cause of the problem, we offer comprehensive heating repairs in Skidaway Island. Our technicians are trained to quickly diagnose heating problems and then restore the systems to working order. Meanwhile, HVAC units have an average lifespan of 15 years, and some break down sooner, which is why we offer installations of heating systems. We can also recommend models that best fulfill the needs of your home or business.

Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air should be clean and healthy. That’s why Gordon’s Heating & Air provides a range of services designed to improve the indoor air quality of homes and businesses. The process often begins with an air quality inspection, during which our technicians measure the levels of contaminants in the air. Pet dandruff, mold spores, allergens, and noxious gases are but a few of the substances we look for. Not only can airborne pollutants like these cause musty and unpleasant odors, but people can also suffer respiratory problems after inhaling such contaminants. To eliminate unwanted elements from the air, our technicians perform installations of air purifiers, air handlers, and air cleaners. We also install dehumidifiers, which reduce indoor humidity levels to prevent mold growth and make the air feel more comfortable.

Skidaway Island AC & Heating Repairs

Gordon’s Heating & Air stands out among Skidaway Island HVAC companies because of the extent and quality of our services. Our team, all of whom are NATE-certified technicians, demonstrate professionalism in the installations, maintenance, and repairs they perform as well as through the courtesy they show to you, the client. We offer flexible scheduling that works around your lifestyle, while our technicians always demonstrate the utmost respect for your home or business while they work. Because your comfort is our priority, we also offer emergency services that address urgent heating or cooling breakdowns when they happen. To schedule repairs or enroll in our Comfort Club for maintenance, contact Gordon’s Heating & Air today!