Air Conditioning & Heating Repair Services in Savannah, GA

Residential & Commercial Services

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems are a necessity in Savannah, GA for comfort during the hot and humid summers and the chilly months of winter. Although powerful, these systems sometimes have delicate components that require periodic maintenance to keep functioning at optimal levels. Even with proper care, breakdowns may happen, especially if the system is several years old. You don’t want to sweat at home during the summer or stay up all night shivering in the winter — Gordon’s Heating & Air is Georgia’s trusted company for HVAC repair in Savannah and the surrounding areas.

Gordon’s Heating & Air provides quality installation, maintenance and repairs of furnaces, thermostats, evaporator coils, and air conditioning systems, including air handlers, cleaners, purifiers and dehumidifiers. Our Nate-certified technicians have the training and experience required to perform these tasks quickly, efficiently and safely.

HVAC in Savannah, GA

Heating Service & Repairs

Although Savannah is not famous for frigid winters, it is comforting to know that should you need to turn on the heat, your furnace will work without a hitch even after months of non-use. The most common reasons for needing heating repairs in Savannah include:

  • ordinary wear and tear of the heating system
  • lack of maintenance
  • electrical issues

Breakdowns often happen because of dirty or clogged filters, interrupted gas flow, frozen system components or damaged circuit breakers. Sometimes rattling or squeaking coming from the furnace, heat pump or another part of the system let owners know there is an issue. If your furnace or heat pump won’t turn on or making unusual noises, call Gordon’s Heating & Air for residential or commercial heating repairs.

Air Conditioning Service in Savannah

Temperatures in Savannah can get pretty high, especially during the summer. If your air conditioning system has an issue or stops running, you will definitely notice. Sometimes electrical connections and contacts become corroded over time and cause electrical shorts. The system can also run low on refrigerant if it was undercharged at installation or has leaks. More potential issues include damage to the fan that transfers hot air between the inside and outside of your home and dirty or frozen evaporator coils.

Aside from providing AC repairs near Savannah, our staff is qualified to install a new air conditioner in your home or office. We can assess your living space and recommend a type of air conditioner — central AC, split units or window units — that suits your needs. We can also implement HVAC zoning if you would like to set different temperatures to several areas of your home. Call Gordon’s Heating & Air if you need Savannah AC repair, installation or maintenance services.

Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality inspections and services involve assessing the condition of the air within and around a building to identify, understand and control air pollutants that might be affecting the health and comfort of its residents. The process may involve collecting air samples, monitoring human exposure to pollutants and computer modelling of airflow inside buildings. Common contaminators include particulates, second-hand smoke, mold and other allergens, bacteria, asbestos fibers and gases such as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, ozone and radon. If you think your home might be exposed to these risks, ask our staff for assistance.

Savannah A/C & Heating Repairs

Our years of experience installing, maintaining and troubleshooting air conditioning and heating systems while putting your comfort and safety at the forefront make Gordon’s Heating & Air your first choice among Savannah HVAC companies. Our technicians will give you personalized and high-quality service, keeping in mind all the ways to make your home comfort system energy-efficient and cost-effective. Call us today for an appointment or consultation!