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For homes and businesses, air conditioning Savannah is non-negotiable. When it's time to turn on the air conditioner, you expect cool air to blow out of the vents almost immediately. But, this isn't always the case. Gordon's Heating & Air has provided high-quality air conditioning repairs for years. Our NATE-certified technicians use the latest tools, techniques, and industry information for fast and professional AC repair in Savannah, GA.

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Air Conditioner Repairs in Savannah, GA

Common Types of A/C Repairs

If you've cranked up the air conditioner in Savannah, you're not alone. As the outdoor temperatures rise, we enjoy a cooler indoor temperature in a home or business. But as these complex appliances work away, one or more of these common types of a/c repairs might arise.

A/C Is Making Unusual Noises

An air conditioner is like most other appliances, creating noises when in operation. But not all noises are normal and often signal an issue that needs attention. Gordon’s Heating & Air has helped home and business owners decipher many unusual noises, but these four are the most common:

  • Screeching or squealing sounds: There’s an issue with a ball bearing or breaking belt.
  • Banging, clanging, and thumping sounds: The motor or blower assembly has a mechanical problem.
  • Smacking noises: Debris is stuck inside the blower housing or in between the fan blades.
  • A/C clicks when turned on and/or off: There’s a short or other problem in the electrical relay.

One Room Cool, Another Warm

Keeping the vents in a home or business clean, open, and unobstructed is the best way to keep an even temperature. But open vents and an efficient air conditioner won’t be able to overcome leaky ductwork and poor building insulation. Our NATE-certified technicians look at the ductwork during an air conditioner repair appointment and make recommendations for the best way to solve a temperature fluctuation issue.

A/C Is On But No Cold Air

Gordon’s Heating & Air has seen this issue over and over, though the cause varies each time. Sometimes it’s as simple as changing the air filter while others it takes a little more troubleshooting. A recurring culprit is a refrigerant leak in the air conditioner. Gordon’s Heating & Air has the experience necessary to find a refrigerant leak and make necessary repairs.

Components That Frequently Fail

Any air conditioner, whether residential or light commercial, is made up of many components working in conjunction with one another to cool a home or business. Since the cooling season lasts several months in Savannah, these parts rarely get a day off to rest. In turn, failures do occur from time to time and generally include these four components.


An air conditioner has two types of capacitors. The start capacitor sends electricity to the motor so it can begin running while the run capacitor sends an electrical series to the motor to keep it working. A capacitor stores energy within an electrostatic field but over time wear down to the point they’re unable to hold a charge. They’re also susceptible to power surges which damage their ability to function properly.  


The contactor acts as the on/off switch for the outdoor part of the air conditioner. Consisting of a control coil, metal plunger, and electrical contacts, the contactor is exposed to a great deal of electricity during the cooling season. Then, when high external temperatures are added, more heat is generated and periodically cause the contactor to fail.


Consider the compressor the heart of the air conditioner. It’s responsible for pressurizing the refrigerant that pulls warm air from the home or business and releasing it outside. When the compressor fails, it’s often a pricey repair. Depending on the age of the air conditioner and other factors Gordon’s Heating & Air will discuss with you, it may be more cost-effective to replace the entire unit.

Fan Motor

Whether it’s due to an electrical or mechanical issue, the fan motor is a component that regularly fails. Wear and tear from operating and excessive dirt and grime build-up on the motor itself — generally from a lack of regular maintenance — are two failure causes. Our NATE-certified technicians will suggest what the Savannah AC repair options are when the fan motor fails.

Residential Air Conditioner Repair

During a hot and humid Georgia summer, the last place you want to be hot and humid is in a home. An efficient air conditioner removes the humidity from the indoor air, creating the comfortable environment you’ve come to expect. If the residential air conditioner at your home needs a repair, call Gordon’s Heating & Air for rapid and reliable service. Our NATE-certified technicians are available 24/7 to get the air conditioner back on track.

Light Commercial A/C Repairs

The air conditioning in a business is a little more intricate than a home. Gordon’s Heating & Air understands a broken light commercial a/c can mean the difference between normal business operation and closing for the day, costing productivity and revenue. Don’t forgo a day’s work, call us for all light commercial a/c repair needs in Savannah.

Savannah AC Repair

Air conditioning in Savannah is a necessity for several months a year. Even with regular maintenance, breakdowns may occur and require a professional repair. When this happens, you can depend on Gordon’s Heating & Air to quickly troubleshoot and repair any residential or light commercial issue. Our NATE-certified technicians keep home and business owners in the loop throughout the repair for your peace of mind. For quality repairs to HVAC Savannah residents can rely on day or night, call Gordon’s Heating & Air!